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We give a delightful voice to the future by empowering impactful companies and brands to achieve their goals through results driven creative strategy campaigns.
Howdy! I’m Austin, a creative director and entrepreneur working in graphic and motion design for businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes. I grew up in Houston, TX and have lived in Raleigh, NC for the past 4 years. Day-to-day I handle the business development side of things here at Ravie while still getting to jump into creative content production and cook up some spicy keyframes 🔥.
Heyo! I’m Noah, a motion and graphic designer with a heaping side of art director. I grew up in the lovely mountain town of Asheville, NC and have since moved to the much flatter Raleigh. When I’m not working on impactful projects, I’m modeling or perfecting my macaron recipe.💃
Hi there, my name is Imsety Taylor! I’m an Atlanta-based designer and developer. I work with code and motion to craft digital media in the forms of animations, websites, apps, and more. Here at Ravie - I handle design and animation alongside the rest of the crew and make a mean Cinema 4D soup!
Hey There, Nice to meet you! I’m Oussama, or Sam, at Ravie I'm animating and illustrating along with the team! Based in Casablanca, Morocco, I absolutely love what I do! From storyboarding to design and animation, I'm currently exploring Character Animation and looking forward to achieving the most realistic feel throughout 2D. Explainer videos are my language : ) My favorite part about myself is that I learn pretty fast!
Hey! I’m Barbara and at Ravie I love spending time diving into design and animation to explore all sorts of different styles! I'm currently hanging around in Montenegro with plans to head to Spain soon! Surfing and McDonald's - period.
Hi I'm Jackson! Video editor, motion designer, musician, storyteller, basically a jenga tower of cool stuff. Based in Missouri!
Hey, I'm Will! I'm a UK-based freelance motion designer. I love 3D in After Effects, vivid colours and chocolate milk.I’m driven by a desire to create projects that inspire and energize; to give viewers of my work that 'butterfly feeling' in a world which surrounds us with so much mind-numbing negativity.
Hey, I’m Danny! A multimedia experience designer who specializes in video production and motion design! Huge passion for teaching and creative storytelling.
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