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We give a delightful voice to the future by empowering impactful companies and brands to achieve their goals through results driven creative strategy campaigns.
Howdy! I’m Austin, a graphic and motion designer with 10 years of experience working in design for businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes. I grew up in Houston, TX and have lived in Raleigh, NC for the past 3.5 years. Day-to-day I handle the business development side of things here at Ravie while still getting to jump into creative content production and cook up some spicy keyframes 🔥.
Heyo! I’m Noah, a motion and graphic designer with a heaping side of art director. I grew up in the lovely mountain town of Asheville, NC and have since moved to the much flatter Raleigh. When I’m not working on impactful projects, I’m modeling or perfecting my macaron recipe.💃
Ravie was formed out of a passion for value as opposed to creating content for the sake of visual presence alone. We crave creation with a purpose, not just to make people "ooo" and "ahh." Our ability to create and our drive for purpose makes us a powerful duo that - at our core - provides your business with real value through brand success and consistent conversions.
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